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YES !! this is my name, but people call me : Sonic the hedgehog This is my home page: I'm the blue hedgehog running at high speed in 2D or 3D games, and I work as a Game Hero at NINTENDO
This website was created in for me :D, and it shares 42 Free Flash Sonic games, it's simple to use

It's a free website and ALWAYS WILL BE! please help people to find ME, by SHARING this content on social networks now !


Sonic43120 Players


Sonic, an online game, were your dream comes true, increasingly early in the game you can choose to Sonic or one of his buddies! . All played with the arrows keys on your keyboard and the spacebar. Everything is the music flow, sound effects, etc. ... have fun and play the best Sonic game of all time

Sonic angel island15528 Players


sonic in angel island, will be the online game that will bring tears to the eyes of those nostalgic Sega 8-bit and 32 bit, who remember that game that had surrounded their childhood and beginnings in the world of video games. Sonic In Angel Island portrays the cult Sonic in another adventure. Still as captivating as beautiful, still as blue hedgehog! Shoots


Sonic lost in mario world13009 Players

sonic mario

Sonic mario, when sonic is lost in Mario World is a platform game mixed Sonic and Mario games. Sonic will actually go through the various games in which Mario plays. you can use keyboard arrows and put Sonic in a ball with the down arrow, click to jump to (does not work when Sonic is in a ball).


Sonic speedway7195 Players

sonic games

Sonic speedway tests how long can you keep on this road where vehicles infernal tumble at full speed. Help Sonic at the wheel of his racecar. You're only allowed five crashes and you want more time it accelerates. Here breath away!

Sonic super click13263 Players

sonic games

Sonic super click makes you control a Super Sonic fly. Let it fly and help him not to crash: avoids all the obstacles encountered in flight and make it fly as long as possible to get the best possible score. You'll get a maximum of rings. can you go cross all levels?

Sonic tails nightmare10735 Players

sonic games

Sonic Tails is the faithful companion of Sonic, Tails the squirrel is a nightmare. It just landed in a dismal world, Sonic and his friends are no longer there, the place is deserted but still full of pitfalls. Tails decides to go looking for his friends despite the danger

Sonic tetris7866 Players

sonic games

Sonic tetris is a games where a lot of piled blocks and you must place them so they do not go back to the top. By forming complete lines, they will withdraw the tray so that you can pile up even more.The small feature of this tetris-like is that Sonic can come help you when you eliminate enough rows at once and you can then head to break the blocks one by on

sonic ultimate quiz6055 Players

sonic games

sonic ultimate quiz is a quiz about the Sonic game, you simply click on the correct answer with your mouse to move to the next set of questions, oh forgot you also need to speak English!

sonic 3d snowboarding7945 Players

sonic games

sonic 3d snowboarding is a game where you help Sonic to make figures aboard his snowboard. Try to go as high as possible, then tap space to make faces when you walk on the ramps. this is a cool Sonic game where you can choose your own decor! Snowboard Sonic gis a game where you will find the famous Sonic. The aim of this game is to jump. To do this, press th

sonic amys whackanik7119 Players

sonic games

In sonic amys whackanik you must strike the head of Sonic puppets, robots, Sonic's friend with a hammer to score points, but be careful because Sonic and his friends disappear very quickly and soon we lose more just trying catch up with those that we really wanted to hit


sonic character9240 Players

sonic the hedgehog

It is time to become a computer artist, in this game you create your own Sonic Sonic style. You can add or remove thorns, change the color of eyes, nose, gloves, and everything you can imagine, and from there to have a complete character and magical

sonic xtreme13263 Players

sonic the hedgehog

Sonic Xtreme is a shelved platform game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was originally developed by Sega for the Mega Drive/Genesis but was moved to the Sega 32X and eventually to the Sega Saturn and intended to be released around Christmas of 1996, but after many problems and a long hiatus of development hell, it was finally cancelled in 1997. Had it b

sonic smash brothers14013 Players

sonic the hedgehog

Sonic Smash Brothers Game is one of our best games of sonic smash brothers and sonic games Free!Playing the Sonic game Smash Brothers: After choosing a name for your player, you'll need to select one of four types of play: adventure, alone, drive, or challenge. Once that is done you will be able to choose a character set at your disposal and try to unlock ne

sonic xtreme 28852 Players

sonic the hedgehog

Sonix Xtreme 2 is a legendary game . You have the choice between Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are characters Shadow bonuses. Nothing to say about this remix of Sega, the game play is very good, the trend between the different levels is spectacular. Use the arrows to try to catch up to gold to explode your score. But watch out for spikes and other enemies!


sonic dash12742 Players

jogos do sonic

Sonic Dash is now very known among gamers for the exciting adventures of the blue hedgehog. Once again, you will collect the maximum of gold rings as quickly as possible. This time, Tails is also the party to make the game more interesting. play at Sonic dash and dodge the evil plans of Dr. Robotnik.a lot of twists guaranteed with the blue hedgehog and his

sonic match it3874 Players

jogos do sonic

sonic match it is a Sonic the Hedgehog version of the classic "match the pairs of hidden pictures" memory game.There are 80 Sonic picture cards (so that's 40 pairs of pictures to match) comprising 10 different Sonic characters, each appearing 8 times in the 10 x 8 game grid. Successfully matching pairs of the picture cards will slowly reveal a much larger ra

sonic maze craze5868 Players

jogos do sonic

sonic maze craze means that You have to succeed in this game as level as possible while getting the most rings possible to score maximum points. But why you must avoid walls and traps. Be careful you only have three lives but you can recover over the levels, the longer your time is limited

sonic pinball4184 Players

jogos do sonic

Sonic Pinball Party is a pinball game. Found Sonic and his friends, and Amigo and Nights in this flash game. Run the ball and using flips forward. The three tables present the flippers are not common, because the enemy will hinder your ball. Get enough points in a given time to move forward in history.

sonic pjinns basic8798 Players

jogos do sonic

sonic pjinns basic make you Rediscover the very fast blue hedgehog was created in 1991 in Japan. It can go at impressive speeds and has developed many special moves, like the Spin Attack and Spin Dash. Sonic has been rapidly adapted, in fact, games in the Sonic universe are dozens. The famous Sonic hedgehog has been adapted in flash so you can play anywhere


sonic pjinns snowboard5640 Players

jogos de sonic

Sonic and supersonic speed is on a snowboard on the slopes. Put your boots and find yourself in the shoes of the little hero supersonic. Attention speed and precision are required if you wish to come upright at the finish. Will you start, it's the season

sonic bowling7500 Players

jogos de sonic

In this Sonic game, Sonic turns into a bowling ball. The goal for you is to break down all the pins in one go if possible (strike) to gain maximum points. You have to choose this position with your Sonic ball and firing angle.

sonic sky chase7022 Players

jogos de sonic

Sonic and Tails are not cruising, but in the sky to face Dr. Eggman who is at the end of the level. Traverses the clouds aboard the aircraft Sonic and Tails. Directed you with the ARROW on the keyboard. Attacks eagles Eggman robots jumping with SPACE. And face it to the end of the Sonic game Sky Chase

sonic snake7031 Players

jogos de sonic

A variation of the famous Snake on mobile phones. Feed your snake by making him swallow the small squares to score points, but did not touch the walls nor himself. Caution over the snake eats the more it grows.

sonic racer5440 Players

jogos de sonic

sonic racer Takes control of the 2 wheel of his motorcycle and picks up absolutely everything that is on your way to the base of Dr. Robotnik. But be careful: you have a minute and you must not touch the other vehicles if ... GAME OVER!

sonic rpg episode 1 part 17004 Players

jogos de sonic

Sonic RPG Episode 1 Part 1 is the game that started the extremely popular Sonic RPG Game Series which is an exiting Sonic the Hedgehog fighting game with an rpg style, and a movie in between each level.


sonic puzzle4483 Players

sonic youth

sonic puzzle offers you the way to solve many sonic's the hedgehog puzzles, the former mascot of SEGA. You can choose the difficulty level and shape of parts, Rotate pieces by pressing the space bar or mouse wheel. If you get stuck you can get help on this puzzle game with the Help button

sonic blox11418 Players

sonic youth

Sonic blox is a puzzle game. the music of Sonic, you can delete if you want in the options, you will need to bring pieces to make complete lines. to make them turn before they are placed, use the directional buttons. to flavor a little game, a shuttle will project a missile to destroy a cube.

sonic coloring5940 Players

sonic youth

Sonic Coloring is a free flash game online games category coloring.Color your favorite video game mascot from Sega, Sonic The Hedgehog. In this free online flash coloring game, you can color Sonic The Hedgehog in many different color combinations to make it as cool or as stupid as you want.

sonic puzzle heroes5977 Players

sonic youth

Sonic Puzzle heroes is one of our best games and puzzle games sonic sonic free! Play Puzzle Sonic game: Again a little puzzle to achieve with as main theme ... becomes ... Sonic and yes! You have no time limit to finish but still tries not to stay on it too, shows that you're doing well and why the technique is never to start at one corner and then make the

sonic heroes puzzle5944 Players

sonic youth

The Sonic game Hereos Puzzle is a kind of Tetris with the heroes of Tetris: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.Accumule identical blocks and eliminates them by pasting the corresponding character., Each hero destroys a type of objects: Sonic: Anneux Golden Tails: Emmeraudes, Knuckles: marrons.Dirige blocks blocks with flêches.Le goal of this game is to form associ

sonic jigsaw2841 Players

sonic youth

The Sonic game Jigsaw is one of our best games of Sonic! Play Sonic game Jigsaw: Jigsaw is a little puzzle that you have to rebuild in order to show a picture of including Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Eggman. Try to put in the right order 50 pieces in the puzzle in the shortest time (you have a meter that scrolls at the top left). Move a piece by dragging wit


sonic final fantasy sonic9670 Players

sonic rpg

Final Fantasy Sonic is an action game. Find our friendly Sonic hedgehog in the original version. Here, the platform game turns into an RPG style game where you have to win most of the fighting to gain power and thereby gain experience, just like a Final Fantasy. All played with the mouse. Choose your attack among the many powers of Sonic by clicking on one o

sonic final fantasy x58030 Players

sonic rpg

The title says exactly what's going on in this Sonic game is a fight to the Final Fantasy, but with Sonic as a character! Compete against one boss, but what boss! The latter has far more energy than you and you should be fearless and resourceful in coming to bout.Comme classics of the genre, each opponent raises one share each in turn and must reduce the hit

sonic rpg episode 1 part 26980 Players

sonic rpg

Here is the part 2 of Sonic RPG eps 1, here sonic fights eggman's robot and find who is his new enemy...I divided this episode in 2 parts because the full episode was too BIG and some of the action scrips are not working well...

sonic rpg episode 28875 Players

sonic rpg

The second part of Sonic Rpg1 offers an animated and part game, where you will have to fight your opponents one by one, choosing the best attacks and parries. You can then switch to the next step .. Keys (1 episode 2 Sonic RPG, Sonic RPG tips 1 episode 2 Codes Sonic RPG episode 1 2 Cheats Sonic Adventure 1 episode 2)

sonic rpg episode 36477 Players

sonic rpg

Sonic RPG Episode 3 is the 3rd episode of the Sonic RPG series. In this episode Sonic and Shadow battle Seelkadoom while Nights and Reala fight. Sonic goes into Super Sonic mode for the main battle.Instructions: Press Enter to forward through the text. Use your Mouse to play the game.

sonic rpg episode 4 part 111211 Players

sonic rpg

Sonic RPG Episode 4 Part 1 is the first part of the fourth installment of the very popular Sonic RPG game series. This great sonic RPG game contains full motion Sonic the Hedgehog videos between levels. Slay the Dragon using Nights, Sonic, and Knuckles. Shadow even joins the fun. Instructions: Use your mouse to control the game. Have fun playing this Sonic R

sonic rpg episode 4 part 26318 Players

sonic rpg

Sonic RPG Episode 4 Part 2 is the second part of the fourth episode of the Sonic RGP game series. This is an excellent multi-level RPG-style fighting game in which you enjoy a movie, make crucial decisions whenever needed, then fight in between the scenes. At the end of each scene you have an option to save the episode, so that later you can just enter the p

sonic rpg episode 58667 Players

sonic rpg

This RPG is a mixture of animation and gaming in which you'll have to look at parts "filmed" and play more. This is the fifth episode of the adventures of Sonic RPG. In view of the above, you'll have to help Sonic to move through the maze to find the 3 keys and opponents to beat. For you move, you use the arrows on your keyboard to increase your speed and th

sonic rpg episode 66357 Players

sonic rpg

Another part of the Sonic RPG. This time, embodied by the tail that needs to get back the hands of the Master Emerald Eggman. However, the task will not Back to Mobius, Tails tries to sneak in and get the Master Emerald from Dr. Robotnik. Unfortunately for the details, he must fight again Mecha Sonic.

sonic rpg episode 710842 Players

sonic rpg

This is an excellent multi-level RPG-style fighting game. It is really hard, but is very rewarding if you beat the opponent in each level - the game contains a movie that runs between the levels. Passwords are issued for each level so that you can skip them the next time you play if you wish.